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We help prevent, investigate, and respond to data breaches.

Infiltration Labs is a cybersecurity and digital forensics company that caters to any business large or small. We also have extensive experience specific to working with attorney’s and law firms in support of digital evidence collection, analysis, and reporting. So, when you or your client suffers from a data breach or loss, our forensics team responds and secures their Electronically Stored Information (ESI), log files and IT system.

We also perform a forensics investigation to determine the impact and the extent of access attained by the outside party.

We offer services for two stages of cyber threats — before & after they occur.

You’re here because you are concerned about cyber security threats, or a breach has already occurred, and you need help. We live in a highly digital world and data breaches are all too common. We can assist you in proactively determining any cyber risks so that you can run your business with assurance that you’re protecting yourself, your business’s confidential information and your clients’ information.

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Incident Response & Digital Forensics

Our goal is to work with companies before a data breach occurs, but this isn't always an option. Some clients come to us after a data breach has already occurred to identify how it occurred, what data was impacted and how to prevent future incidents. As soon as you contact us, our team will work quickly to identify the threat and mitigate it.

Security Treat Hunts

Threat Hunts

One of your biggest concerns may be determining whether your organization is or has been the victim of a data breach. Infiltration Labs’ threat hunt services allow you to evaluate your digital environment to determine whether a security breach has occurred, and if so, whether it resulted in the loss of sensitive information such as trade secrets, payment card data, or personally identifiable information of your clients or employees. This provides a comprehensive evaluation of all of your systems, identifying potential intrusions before any indicators have been discovered.

Incident Response

Incident response is an organized approach to addressing and managing the aftermath of a security attack (also known as a data breach). The goal is to identify the root cause of an incident and handle the situation in a way that limits damage, and reduces recovery time and costs after the compromise has been fully assessed.

In the wake of a data breach, our incident response team offers quick answers and pragmatic solutions that allow you to focus on your business, instead of being distracted by the impact of a data breach.

Infiltration Labs has responded to incidents including network intrusions, ransomware, cyber-extortion, data breaches, social engineering, phishing schemes, and employee malfeasance. As part of our incident response services, we work to pinpoint the root cause of the incident, identify all affected systems and data, minimize the impact through containment and work with your organization to establish a viable remediation strategy. We not only help minimize the duration and impact of a security breach, but we also provide guidance on managing the entire incident, including working with law enforcement agencies and other external parties.

Infiltration Labs will help you:

  • Identify how attackers accessed your network, including pinpointing what actions they took to gain access
  • Determine what the attackers accessed
  • Prevent future unauthorized access

Don’t let an attacker compromise your data. Engage a dependable team that will identify gaps in your security, quickly answer your questions and provide recommendations to prevent future incidents. Contact us here.

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Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics

We specialize in digital and mobile forensics, working with attorneys and law firms to uncover electronic evidence for their clients and cases. With certifications, such as the GIAC Certified Forensic Analyst and GIAC Certified Penetration Tester, as well as experience with local and federal government investigations, we’re fully prepared to assist in both civil and criminal cases.

We’ll identify and extract evidence from digital and even mobile devices in a forensically sound manner, designed to withstand court scrutiny.


Training & Cyber Assessments

The best way to protect your business and your clients is to safeguard information, train employees and create an incident response plan before a breach has taken place.

Data Breach Training for Employees

Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Employees

Infiltration Labs provides training to your organization’s employees, teaching them how to detect and respond to all types of cyber threats, from malware or ransomware and data breaches, to malicious insiders and everything in between. This training is for every employee, not just employees working in an IT or technical role.

Infiltration Labs can provide:

  • A custom plan that details how your business should respond to data breaches
  • Incident simulations to demonstrate how potential breaches may occur
  • Incident response workshops that provide hands-on training for your team, teaching them how to respond to cyber security threats
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Social Engineering Tests

Social engineering is the psychological manipulation of people into performing actions or divulging confidential information. It relies heavily on human interaction and often involves tricking people into breaking normal security procedures.

An effective way to shield your organization from such attacks is to conduct real-life scenarios with your employees. We’ll develop custom tests, using the same techniques that real world attackers use to infiltrate and exploit organizations.

This checks the security controls you have in place and essentially provides security through education. Phone, internet and physical techniques are leveraged to identify vulnerabilities and gaps in your employees’ security awareness.

Benefits of social engineering tests include:

  • Employee education that reduces vulnerabilities within the organization & instructs individuals to report attacks
  • Employee training that empowers individuals to be defenders
  • Measurements & improvements to your employee’s susceptibilities to phishing attacks
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Social Engineering Tests

Phishing Assessments

Using the latest techniques employed by attackers, our social engineering services evaluate the diligence of your employees specifically against "phishing" and "vishing" threats that exploit trust and lack of security awareness.

“Phishing” is the attempt to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details, often for malicious reasons, by posing as a trustworthy person, employee or company in an electronic communication.

“Vishing” is the act of utilizing the telephone in an attempt to convince the user into surrendering private information. The visher usually poses as a legitimate business and fools the victim into thinking he or she will profit.

Phishing: Click and Log - deploys simulated phishing emails to a predetermined population of your employees to test whether they click on malicious links or perform actions that they shouldn't. This test is meant to trick unwitting, uninformed employees into performing actions that, had it been a real attacker, could have exposed the organization to potential risk. This is not intended to be a disciplinary action but rather an opportunity to test, train and empower your employees.

Phishing: Endpoint Attack - tests user security awareness by manipulating individuals in your organization to perform malicious actions or provide sensitive information over email. The content used in these scenarios ranges from generic, spam-like messages to client-specific emails that are designed to appear to originate from internal users, third-party service providers, or clients.

Vishing: Phone - the telephone equivalent of phishing, vishing uses verbal communication to entice employees into divulging sensitive information like passwords or schedules, or to connect to malicious URLs or execute malicious software that gives attackers access to the network or computer.

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Vulnerability Assessments

Infiltration Labs can locate your small business’s security weak spots by evaluating computer systems, applications and networks for security vulnerabilities that are most likely to be leveraged by attackers. We’ll inventory your devices to give us a better idea of what you have and the vulnerabilities that may exist.

Vulnerability Assessments

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Infiltration Labs Team

We have a knowledgeable team that can help your organization or client with a variety of its cyber security needs. The team at Infiltration Labs includes penetration testers, incident responders and digital forensic investigators that have conducted security assessments and digital forensics for both the federal government and private clients. Your digital security is our top priority.

Bryan Barnhart

Meet the Infiltration Labs Founder

Bryan is a digital forensic investigator and cyber security specialist with over 18 years of information security and physical security experience in the public and private sectors. He’s conducted digital forensics and hacking investigations for both small and Fortune 500 companies. Prior to entering the private sector, Bryan was a police detective assigned to the United States Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force in which he investigated child exploitation, data breaches, corporate hacks, identify theft and fraud.

He now brings that same level of critical understanding and expertise to his clients at Infiltration Labs. He enjoys the investigative side of digital forensics and incident response, taking pride in answering clients’ questions and concerns with straightforward and comprehensive insight.

What to do after a data breach?

The first thing you need to do after a data breach is identify the cause and impact — how the breach occurred and what information was accessed. This allows steps to be taken to respond to the incident and prevent future attacks. We help identify the cause of the attack so you can contain the incident, as well as shore up your business against future attacks.

How do you prevent cyber security attacks on businesses?

data breaches can occur in a variety of ways — through phishing attempts with employees, data breaches online, network infiltrations and more. There are a variety of ways that you can fortify your business against cyber threats. We offer a variety of employee training sessions, simulations and threat assessments to help you protect your business.